Fall 2023

Dr. Priscilla Ferreira: "The economics of abolition and community-engaged scholarship" | Talk on Monday, Dic 4th

Spring 2023

Dr. Sofía Zaragocín: "A Decolonial Feminist Geographical Framework for Critical Geography at the Hemispheric Scale" | Talk on Monday, April 3rd

Dr. Clara Irazábal: "Planning Latin American cities 2030: present challenges and opportunities" | Talk on Thursday, May 4th

Fall 2022

Dr. Catalina Ortiz: "Disobedient Urban Research: Provocations For Setting a Decolonial Agenda," | Talk on Thursday, September 15th

Dr. Catalina Ortiz: "Urban Storytelling," | Workshop on Friday, September 16th

Uncomfortable Monuments collective (Colectivo Monumentos Incómodos): "Is it possible to decolonize the museum? Body, memory, and territory,"  | Workshop on Friday, November 11th

Dr. Claudio Alvarado Lincopi: "Santiagónico: Baroque City and the Plebeian Production of Public Space," Claudio Alvarado Lincopi | Talk on Thursday, November 10th