Current Fellows (2024-2025)



  • Jackie Abbing (Anthropology): "Emergent Activist Possibilities in Nascent Authoritarian El Salvador"
  • Otavio Barros (CLACS): "A Decade of Lei de Cotas in Brazil: An Analysis of its Effectiveness"
  • Kainen Bell (Information Sciences): "Understanding the Impact of Surveillance Technologies on Afro-Brazilian Communities"
  • Luisa Fernandes (Urban and Regional Planning): "Reframing Urban Sustainability through the Perspective of Socio-Economic Insurgent Practice"
  • Larissa Migotto (Political Science): "Navigating the Political Landscape: Exploring the Impact of National-Level Polarization on local Elections in Brazil"
  • Celio Moura (Geography): "The Deterritorialization of Urban Communities as a Public Policy of Social Exclusion: The Case of the Fishing Communities of Bode, Recife (Brazil)"
  • Daniela Morales (Urban Planning): "Contesting Environmental Assessment Systems in Chile"
  • Ilaria Strocchia (Spanish and Portuguese): "Rethinking the Urban as a Space of Liquid Modernity: The Case of Mexico City"
  • Yifan Wang (Anthropology): "'The World is a Garden' - Classic Maya Environmental-Human-Animal Relationships"



  • Claudia Grisales (Informatics): "(Making) Peasants Count: A Case Study of Rural Community Informatics towards Alternative Futures in the Colombian Amazon"



  • Margie Giacolone (Anthropology): "Dissident Languages and Politics of Care in Bolivia"



  • Adrian Wong (Institute of Communication Research): "A Policy of Unprecedented Mutilations in Everyday Work; Reorientations in Labor, Inequality, and SMEs in Chile"
  • Cristhian Molina (Economics): "Quality Certification in Higher Education: Evidence from Chile"
  • Daniel Perez-Astros (Spanish and Portuguese):  "Nostalgic Testimonies: Post-dictatorship and Trauma in Brazil and Venezuela"

Past Fellows




  • Lorena F. Alarcon, (Spanish & Portuguese): "Spanish and Indigenous Language Assessment in Andean Juju, Argentina", Argentina
  • Sara Elena Castro Cantu, (Spanish & Portuguese): "Using the Theory of Ecology of Pressures to Understand Langauge Shift in Mexican Indigenous Communities", Mexico
  • Daniela Delgado Ramos, (Informatics): "Technological Mediation of Interpersonal Trust in Colombia", Colombia
  • Julia de Souza Campo, (Regional & Urban Planning): Assessing Minha Casa Minha Vida housing policy from a racial justice and equity perspective", Brazil
  • Cintia Frietas, (Regional & Urbana Planning): "Feira de Roca (Farmer's Market) in Vargem Grande", Brazil
  • Erin Gahimer, (Education Policy, Organization, and Leadership): "Sojourns to the South: US Student Experiences with Social Justice in the Global South",  El Salvador
  • David Kwok Kwan Tsoi,  (Anthropology): "Traffic of Chineseness in Modern Latin America: Examining the Identity of a Chinese Peruvian (Tusan) in Lima under the One Belt Road initiative", Peru
  • Danielle Massulo Bordignon, (Spanish & Portuguese): "Insurgent Allegory: Revising Literary Style in Authoritarian", Brazil    
  • Larissa Migotto, (Political Science): "Affective Polarization in the Brazilian Context", Brazil
  • Daniela Morales, (Regional & Urban Planning): "Contesting Environmental Assessment Systems: Grassroots strategies against colonial legacies and neoliberal frameworks", Chile
  • Gerson Morales Perez, (Spanish & Portuguese): "Performing Culture from the Shadows of the Guatemalan Civil War", Guatemala
    Ana Maria Valderrama, (Landscape Architecture): "In Situ-In Vivo: Latin American Decolonial Collective Practices of Design, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia", Mexico
  • Michelle Patiño-Flores, (Anthropology): "Materializing Creating Expression in the Cuban Context", Cuba
  • Stephanie Perez, (Institute of Communications Research): "Finding Intersections of Transnational Mediated Girlhoods in Guatemala", Guatemala
  • Jorge Rojas Alverez, (Institute of Communication Research): "Cultural Imaginaries in ACPO Information Service Design", Colombia
  • Ana Laura Selzer, (Kinesiology and Community Health): "Long-term impacts of the Dona Francisca Health Studie, a community-based research project", Brazil
  • Leonardo Ventura, (CLACS): "And Now we Speak": Amilcar Cabral and Abdias Nascimento Towards Global Black Liberation", Brazil
  • Euyoung Yang, (Spanish & Portuguese): "Re-examining 17-19th Century Asian Diasporas in Mexico through maritime archival of the Pacific Ocean", Mexico


  • Manuel Perez Troncoso, (Global Studies in Education): "Immigrant Cultural Wealth Pedagogies in Northern Chile", Chile
  • Marige Ciacolone, (Anthropology): "Cuir Politics of Care and Worldbuilding in Bolivia", Bolivia
  • Sergio Antonio Mora Moreno, (Spanish & Portuguese): "Towards the construction of a corpus of trans textualities in Colombia: an exploratory study    Colombia


  • Grazzia Grimaldi, (Anthropology): "Clandestine Intimacies of Violence: Grang Criminalizatoin, family and the carceral state in postwar El Salvador", El Salvador




  • Caio Albernaz Siquiera (Spanish & Portuguese): "The realization of occlusives in the Spanish and Portuguese of Rivera"
  • Claudia Grisales Bohorquez (Informatics): "Mapping Community Assets for Rural Women's Effective Use of ICTs in Guaviare, Colombia"
  • Beatriz Carvalho (CLACS): "'My Challenge in Politics is to Exist': An intersectional Approach to Gendered Violence Against Women of Color in Brazilian Politics"
  • Natalia Espinel Porras (Art Education): "ANCLAJES: An Embodied and Performative Approach to the Lived Experience"
  • Emily Lawson-Bulten (ABE): "Increasing Community Agency through Water Infrastructure Design for Disaster Resiliency"
  • Patricia León Quecán (CLACS): "Portraying the Past to Preserve the Future; Edible Identities in Muisca Culinary Heritage"
  • Deanivea Mendes Felix (Spanish & Portuguese): "Under the Knife: Executive Interference and Brazil’s Human-Security State in Health Emergencies from the past 30 years"
  • Michelle Patino-Flores (Anthropology): "Coloring the Revolution: Materializing Creative Expression in the Cuban Context"
  • Manuel Perez Troncoso (EPOL)
  • Ana Maria Valderrama (Landscape Architecture): "IN SITU. IN VIVO. Latin American Decolonial Collective Practices of Design"
  • Adrian Wong (ICR): "Digital Infrastructure for Sustainable Development"


  • Lorena Chica (CLACS): "Religion’s Influence Through Necronarratives from Salvadoran Immigrants in LA"
  • Joseph Coyle (Anthropology): "Negotiating Race, Class, and Gender Identity in Brazilian 'inclusive' Pentecostalism"
  • Andrea Pimental Rivera (Geography & GIS): "Cooperative futures and infrastructure justice of passenger ferry servies in Vieques, Puerto Rico"
  • Michael Stablein (ABE): "Engineering Enhanced Agricultural Yields via Simultaneous Wastewater Treatment and Generation of Biomass"




  • Margaret Giacalone Anthropology)
  • Michelle Patino-Flores (Anthropology)



  • Kutasha Bryan-Silva (Curriculum & Instruction)
  • Carmen Gallegos (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Grazzia Grimaldi (Anthropology)


  • Joe Coyle (Anthropology)



  • Lorena Fabiana Alacron (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Flavia Batista de Silva (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Claudia Grisales Bohorquez (Informatics)
  • Alejandro Montoya Castano (ACE)
  • Chibundo Egwatu (Anthropology)
  • Cintia Martins Freitas (CLACS)
  • Owen McDonald (History)
  • Brendan Morris (Entomology)
  • Marcos Alacron Olivos (History)
  • Michelle Patino-Flores (Anthropology)
  • Manuel Perez (Education Policy)
  • AJ Taylor (Food Science)


  • Alana Ackerman (Anthropology)


  • Grazzia Grimaldi (Anthropology)


  • Claire Brannigan (Anthropology)
  • Rachel Gill (Anthropology)
  • Jesann Gonzalez Cruz (NRES)


  • Joe Coyle (Anthropology)


Tinker: Anahid Bauer, Joseph Coyle, Tolgahan Dilgin, M. Fabiola Fernandez Doig, Jesann Gonzalez, Grazzia Grimaldi, Beatrice Maldonado, Ennio Nuila, Pablo Ordonez, Gonzalo Pinilla, Elizabeth Simpson, Dadbegnon Armand Tossou, Marcela Vizcarra, Anna Waller 

Kilby: Brenda Garcia

Love: David Aristizabal

Whitten: Josh Gibson, Claudia Lagos, Fabian Prieto

Lemann: Hyun Jung Kim, Thais de Sant'Ana, Luke Plutowski



Dinah Armstead, Claire Branigan, Brenda García, Claudia Lagos, Jessica Lira Viana, Juan Mora, Liz Moreno, Elizabeth Villegas, Zev Cossing, John-Ben Soileau, Summer Sanford, Alana Ackerman, David Aristizabal, Catalina Hernandez-Cabal, Heilin Jahnke, Jennifer Kirker Priest, Katia Nakamura, Gonzalo Pinilla, Ingrid Romero



Alana Ackerman, Jason Ahlenius, David Aristizabal, Krysta Beam, Dexter Burns, Sergio Contreras, Silvia Escanilla, Carmen Gallegos, Brenda Garcia, Ethan Madarieta, Cristina Mostacero, Carolina Ortega, Fabian Prieto, Thais R. S. de Sant’Ana, Kelly Senters, Marin Thompson, Erin Updyke



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