COVID-19 Community Resources

Though practicing social distancing and sheltering in place to the extent possible is important to flatten the COVID-19 transmission curve, the temporary closures of restaurants and other businesses have disproportionately affected C-Us immigrant and refugee communities.  Browse through the links below to learn what you can do to help!  If you have an opportunity or information you would like to share, please pass it along to Alejandra Seufferheld at  ...

COVID-19 in Latin America

Latin America is a place that is near and dear to many of us.  Not only is a place where many of us do our research, but - more importantly - it is also home to family and friends.  The situation with COVID-19 in Latin America is changing rapidly and this space will be used to post news articles both tracking the spread of COVID -19 but also highlighting regional and local responses but governments and communities.  If you see an article you would like to share in this space, please send it to Alejandra Seufferheld at