Maria Gabriela Abril Reyes

Gabriela is a third-year Master in Architecture and Master in Urban Planning candidate. She
is interested in how political and sociological awareness shape design and spatial production practices. Her current research project focuses on the relations of domination reflected in the management of urban architectural heritage and the production of public space in Latin American colonial cities.

Foto Gabriela
Julia de Souza Campos Paiva

Urban Planning - Master Student

Foto Julia
Camila Madariaga

Camila Madariaga (She/Her) is a Chilean architect currently pursuing her Master of Urban Planning degree at the University of Illinois. Originally from Talca, Chile, she developed her career as an architect working as an intermediary between the Chilean government and communities applying for government housing grants. She later worked in an architectural firm where she conducted site studies for real estate developers, as well as architectural design of buildings and housing complexes. With a strong conviction for the humanities, she seeks to integrate nature, social justice, and sustainable building logics. In her free time she enjoys reading, spending time in nature, traveling, practicing yoga, meditating and spending time with her family.

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Daniela Morales Fredes

Daniela has more than ten years of experience working in Chilean public institutions and as a private practitioner supporting grassroots organizations and local communities. She has also participated in and led several research projects and consultancy on cultural heritage, human rights, and environmental planning, applying participatory design and planning methods. 

Daniela’s research analyzes the role of planning and environmental policies in Chile’s evolution and consequences of extractive industries. She explores the legacies and effects of regulatory frameworks and space creation/normalization structures such as the Environmental Impact Assessment System: how racialized territories and colonial continuities shaped the regulatory framework to produce industrialized landscapes that perpetuate displacement and systematic human rights violations.

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Marina Moscoso Arabía

Marina is a graduate student in Geography & Geographic Information Science. Her background is in Social Sciences and Urban Studies, and she now focuses on urban history and geographies, land-use policies, displacing forces, housing, gender, decolonial studies, and collaborative and interdisciplinary research.

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Manuela Quijano Hoyos

NRES Department

Manuela Quijano
Andrea Pimentel Rivera

Department of Geography and GIS

Foto Andrea
Célio Henrique Rocha Moura

Célio H. Rocha Moura is a Brazilian Architect/Urbanist and graduate student in Geography & Geographic Information Science. His interests include Brazilian Studies; Protected Areas Issues; Conservation of Immaterial and Natural Heritage; Territory and Society. He is currently researching how socio-environmental dissonances act to solidify or dissipate the identities of marginalized fishing settlements in the mangroves of Recife (Pernambuco-Brazil).

Foto Celio
Ileana Sanchez

Ileana is a graduate student in the Geography and Geographic Information Sciences. She was an organizer in Dallas, Texas for two years after graduating from her Bachelor’s from Sam Houston State University. She now focuses on political and urban geographies research while using a feminist theoretical framework.

Foto Ileana