Graduate Fellows

Current Fellows (2022-2023)


  • Caio Albernaz Siquiera (Spanish & Portugeuse): "The realization of occlusives in the Spanish and Portuguese of Rivera"
  • Claudia Grisales Bohorquez (Informatics): "Mapping Community Assets for Rural Women's Effective Use of ICTs in Guaviare, Colombia"
  • Beatriz Carvalho (CLACS): "'My Challenge in Politics is to Exist': An intersectional Approach to Gendered Violence Against Women of Color in Brazilian Politics"
  • Natalia Espinel Porras (Art Education): "ANCLAJES: An Embodied and Performative Approach to the Lived Experience"
  • Emily Lawson-Bulten (ABE): "Increasing Community Agency through Water Infrastructure Design for Disaster Resiliency"
  • Patricia León Quecán (CLACS): "Portraying the Past to Preserve the Future; Edible Identities in Muisca Culinary Heritage"
  • Deanivea Mendez Felix (Spanish & Portuguese): "Under the Knife: Executive Interference and Brazil’s Human-Security State in Health Emergencies from the past 30 years"
  • Michelle Patino-Flores (Anthropology): "Coloring the Revolution: Materializing Creative Expression in the Cuban Context"
  • Manuel Perez Troncoso (EPOL)
  • Ana Maria Valderrama (Landscape Architecture): "IN SITU. IN VIVO. Latin American Decolonial Collective Practices of Design"
  • Adrian Wong (ICR): "Digital Infrastructure for Sustainable Development"


  • Lorena Chica (CLACS): "Religion’s Influence Through Necronarratives from Salvadoran Immigrants in LA"
  • Joseph Coyle (Anthropology): "Negotiating Race, Class, and Gender Identity in Brazilian 'inclusive' Pentecostalism"
  • Andrea Pimental Rivera (Geography & GIS): "Cooperative futures and infrastructure justice of passenger ferry servies in Vieques, Puerto Rico"
  • Michael Stablein (ABE): "Engineering Enhanced Agricultural Yields via Simultaneous Wastewater Treatment and Generation of Biomass"

Past Fellows