CLACS Awards SGRF Fellowships to 18 Students from across Campus


Photo by Kasia Szremski

CLACS is pleased to announce that we have award SGRF fellowships to 18 students from across campus.  The SGRF fellowship program consists of four awards, Tinker Foundation Field Research Grants, Whitten Fellowships, Love Fellowships, and Kilby Fellowships.  Matching support is provided by the Graduate College, LAS, and the Lemann Center for Brazilian Studies and awards support graduate student research in Latin America.  This year, due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, students will have until August 2021 to use their funding.  More information about the SGRF Fellowship Competition can be found here.

Tinker Field Foundation Research Grant Awardees

  • AJ Taylor (Food Science) - Unlocking the Flavor of Chocolate Through Fermentation in Ecuador
  • Lorena Fabiana Alarcon (Spanish and Portuguese) - Identity and Language in Andean Spanish in Jujuy, Argentina
  • Flavia Batista da Silva (Spanish and Portuguese) - "Righting" Foreign Policy: Bolsonaro's Electoral Campaign in Brazil and the Venezuelan Crisis
  • Chibundo Egwuatu (Anthropology)  - Reproducing Methodological Rigor: African Diasporic Scholarship in Rio de Janeiro
  • Alejandro Montoya Castano (ACE) - The Socioeconomic Effects of Soybean Expansion in the Northeastern Region of Brazil
  • Cintia Martins Freitas (CLACS) - Collective Candidacies and Gender Equality Platforms in Brazil's 2020 Municipal Elections
  • Owen McDonald (History) - "A Condition Almost Indistiquishable from Slavery": Race, Gender, and Domestic Worker Organizing and Activism in Brazil, 1945-1969
  • Marcos Alarcon Olivos (History) -Vineyards in the Land of the Chinchas: The Non-Elite Indigenous Participation in the Economy of Early Colonial Peru
  • Manuel Perez (Education Policy) -Unveiling the Transnational Condition of Arica as a Site to Research on Education and South-South Migration Topics
  • Claudia Grisales Bohorquez (Informatics) - Information Practices in the Construction of Alternatives to Socioenvironmental Conflicts in Colombia

Whitten Research Awards

  • Jesann Gonzalez Cruz (NRES) - Pacific Invasion Amidts Amphibian Decline in Puerto Rico and Beyond
  • Rachell Gill (Anthropology) - Assessing Environmental Health in Biodiversity in the Ancient Maya Lowlands
  • Claire Branigan (Anthropology) - Ineffective Law, Active Citizens: Demanding State Responsibility in Femicide in Argentina

Kilby Fellowship

  • Alana Ackerman (Anthropology) - Refugees without Refuge: Forced Displacement of Colombians in Quito, Ecuador

Love Fellowship

  • Grazzia Grimaldi (Anthropology) - Clandestine Intimacies of Violence: Political LIfe in Postwar El Salvador

Lemann Travel Award

  • Joe Coyle (Anthropology) - Brazilian Pentecostal Igrejas Inclusivas in a Regional and Comparative Perspective