Meet the fellows and their projects

CLACS is pleased to announce that we have awarded Summer Graduate Research Fellowships (SGRF) to 14 students from a variety of programs across campus. We provide funding for 4 different research fellowship programs: Tinker Foundation Fellowship, Whitten Fellowship, Kilby Fellowship, and Love Fellowship. These fellowships are meant to provide research support to MA and Ph.D. students whose thesis projects focus on Latin America. More information about the SGRF Fellowship Competition can be found here.

Tinker Foundation Fellows:

  • Jackie Abbing (Anthropology): "Emergent Activist Possibilities in Nascent Authoritarian El Salvador"
  • Otavio Barros (CLACS): "A Decade of Lei de Cotas in Brazil: An Analysis of its Effectiveness"
  • Kainen Bell (Information Sciences): "Understanding the Impact of Surveillance Technologies on Afro-Brazilian Communities"
  • Luisa Fernandes (Urban and Regional Planning): "Reframing Urban Sustainability through the Perspective of Socio-Economic Insurgent Practice"
  • Larissa Migotto (Political Science): "Navigating the Political Landscape: Exploring the Impact of National-Level Polarization on local Elections in Brazil"
  • Celio Moura (Geography): "The Deterritorialization of Urban Communities as a Public Policy of Social Exclusion: The Case of the Fishing Communities of Bode, Recife (Brazil)"
  • Daniela Morales (Urban Planning): "Contesting Environmental Assessment Systems in Chile"
  • Ilaria Strocchia (Spanish and Portuguese): "Rethinking the Urban as a Space of Liquid Modernity: The Case of Mexico City"
  • Yifan Wang (Anthropology): "'The World is a Garden' - Classic Maya Environmental-Human-Animal Relationships"


Kilby Fellow:

  • Claudia Grisales (Informatics): "(Making) Peasants Count: A Case Study of Rural Community Informatics towards Alternative Futures in the Colombian Amazon"


Love Fellow:

  • Margie Giacolone (Anthropology): "Dissident Languages and Politics of Care in Bolivia"


Whitten Fellows:

  • Adrian Wong (Institute of Communication Research): "A Policy of Unprecedented Mutilations in Everyday Work; Reorientations in Labor, Inequality, and SMEs in Chile"
  • Cristhian Molina (Economics): "Quality Certification in Higher Education: Evidence from Chile"
  • Daniel Perez-Astros (Spanish and Portuguese):  "Nostalgic Testimonies: Post-dictatorship and Trauma in Brazil and Venezuela"