Spring 2023 Courses

The following courses are being offered in Spring 2023 and contain at least a portion of content covering Latin American and the Caribbean. Note that this list is not exhaustive. Please speak to Kasia Szremski if you have questions about whether a course qualifies for our major/minor.

To see a list of courses that either take place abroad or have a required module abroad, please visit this page.

Course Title Instructor
ABE 232 Contextual Engineering Ann Witmer
AIS 285 Indigenous Thinkers Kora Maldonado
ANTH 230 Advanced Intro to Sociocultural Anthropology Ellen Moodie
ANTH 399 Collaborative Methodologies Kora Maldonado
ARTS 252 Making & Meaning: Crafting Identity Kira Dominguez Hultgren
ATMS 406 Tropical Meteorology Stephen Nesbitt
CHP 199 Immigration: A Global Phenomenon with Local Implications Gioconda Guerra
EPOL 420 Global Migration & Education Liv Davila
HIST 312 Immigrant America Yuridia Ramirez
HIST 405 History of Brazil from 1808 Marc Hertzman
KIN 494 Physical Activity & Diverse Populations Susi Aguinaga
LAST 170 Intro to Latin American Marc Hertzman
LAST 210 Life in the Andes Carlos Molina-Vital
LAST 395 Andean Language: Quechua Carlos Molina-Vital
LAW 657 International Human Rights Law Francis Boyle
LLS/MACS 250 Latinx Disney Angharad Valdivia
PS 355 Democratization Damarys Canache
SPAN/LLS 248 Latin American Diaspora Through Film Eduardo Ledesma
SPAN 308 Spanish in the US Javier Callesano
SPAN 326 Sexo y Podor Xiomara Cervantes
SPAN 326 The Latin American Body Sergio Mora Moreno
SPAN 395 Health Professions and US Latinx Communities Ann Abbott
SPAN 528 Media Representations of the Spanish Empire Javier Irigoyen-García
SPAN 557 Linguistic Communities and Social Justice Salvatore Callesano